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New Practice Members at Restoration Health

Welcome to Restoration Health! Please make yourself comfortable in our inviting space. Strike up a conversation with your neighbor; we won’t keep you waiting for long.

Consulting with patientGetting Started

Before you come to the office, please complete the intake paperwork online, if possible. We suggest you wear comfortable clothing, and please bring ID with you.

Once all paperwork is verified, you will be brought back to meet the doctor. You’ll discuss the information on your intake form, go over past medical history, and what brought you in to see us today. What you’re experiencing, even if you’re not really sure where the issue came from, or if there’s something specific that might have caused it. The more information we have, the better.

Your doctor will go over exactly what they’re going to do, so there are no surprises. We know some people are new to chiropractic care, and we want to ensure a complete understanding of everything that’s going to happen.

We will also assess any exercise or nutritional gaps, and make recommendations to work on those between visits. After the doctor finishes their assessment, you’ll receive the results. If you agree to move forward with care, you’ll receive your first adjustment today. Please allow 30 minutes for this visit.

When You Return

On your second visit, our doctor will assess how you feel and any changes in symptoms. If at-home exercises or nutritional instructions were given, we’ll check in on how that went, as well, before your second adjustment.

Financial Responsibility

At the end of the visit, you’ll be checked out, set up on your unique care plan based on the doctor’s suggestions. Your care package may consist of multiple visits, or just setting up for a few visits in a row. We take payment, and save a credit card on file, which is in conjunction with the financial policy that we have you sign.

Our practice is cash based, so payment is requested at check out. We accept major credit cards and HSA plans. Discounts are available for military, police, fire, and first responders. Please speak with a team member for details.

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