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Meet the Staff

Carrie Woolf

Carrie-WoolfMeet Carrie, our Administrative Director. Carrie brings 18 years of business experience to the Restoration Health family, including a background in the functional medicine, spa, and renovation industries. Her entrepreneurial ventures have cultivated a diverse skill set and unique perspective that enriches our team.

A perpetual learner, Carrie’s educational journey spans business administration, accounting, and psychology. As a licensed esthetician, she not only understands business from the top down but also brings a hands-on touch to her work. Currently on the path to obtaining her Functional Diagnostic Nutrition certification, Carrie’s dedication to holistic health stems from a profound belief in its transformative power, inspired by her personal experience with chiropractic care and functional nutrition in her own life.

Carrie’s faith is of the highest priority to her, which fuels her mission to be a blessing to those around her. In her personal life, she loves spending time with her three daughters and three dogs, volunteering, trying new foods, maintaining a fitness routine, and basking in the sunlight whenever possible.
You may see Carrie at the front desk at any of our locations or working behind the scenes. She loves connecting with patients and takes great joy in witnessing the improvements that arise from the combination of chiropractic care and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Daryan Revell

Daryan RevellMeet Daryan, lead assistant at Restoration Health Carmel. She is a dedicated college student at Indiana University Indianapolis, pursuing a degree in health sciences. Her journey in this field began with a profound personal interest in fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness. Witnessing the consequences of poor lifestyle choices among those around her further fueled her commitment to making a positive impact in the health and well-being of others.

Outside of her academic pursuits, she finds joy in maintaining an active lifestyle, spending time outdoors, and cultivating a passion for gardening. As a compassionate pet owner, she recently welcomed a rescued Dobsky into her life, enriching her personal connections and sense of responsibility. Additionally, she finds fulfillment in attending Northview church and experiencing continuous spiritual growth daily.

Daryan is aligned with the core philosophies of Restoration Health, which is why she is proud to be part of their team. What resonates with her most about her role is the opportunity to engage with diverse individuals, share meaningful conversations, and witness the transformative impact RH has on their lives.


Adam Schroyer

Adam-SchroyerMeet Adam, the front desk assistant at Restoration Health Westfield. Adam is a family man and an avid adventurer, taking to the skies whenever he can. He began his career as a personal trainer, transitioned into health coaching, and is currently pursuing studies to become a naturopathic doctor. Witnessing the impact of typical American habits on himself and his loved ones motivated him to seek a better life, one guided by God’s will. With an open mind, he values hearing alternative approaches to healing and life, recognizing it as essential for personal growth.

Adam enjoys being outdoors in the sunshine, making occasional visits to the ocean. Actively seeking ways to disconnect from the busy world, he prioritizes being present for his loved ones. Engaging in outdoor sports, exploring new activities, and embracing adventures are integral to his lifestyle. As a proud father to a one-year-old girl, he cherishes her smile, capable of brightening anyone’s day. Chiropractic care is a fundamental aspect of his family’s life, ensuring they can consistently be their best and savor the beautiful life bestowed upon them by God.


Maria Quintero

Maria QuinteroMeet Maria, our front desk assistant at Restoration Health Fishers. A Ball State graduate in marketing and Spanish, she applies her knowledge to create a welcoming environment for our Latinx/Hispanic patients. As a young adult, Maria’s interest in health and wellness has grown, influenced by her travels to music festivals. Understanding the importance of holistic health, she stays active, learning about nutrition and fitness to effectively convey our goals to those less familiar with our practices. In the past year, Maria gained extensive knowledge about chiropractic care and passionately shares it during her travels. Beyond marketing and wellness, her interests include music, fashion, art, and beauty. Maria enjoys a balanced life, spending time with friends and contributing to the welcoming atmosphere for those new to their health journey at Restoration Health.


Elysa Smith

Elysa SmithBorn and raised in a small town in Illinois, Elysa moved to Indianapolis after graduating from college in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management & Administration. She immediately entered the medical field, and it was fateful that she would become passionate about helping others better themselves.

She is committed to improving the health and the prosperity of others after observing faulty manners of living in her personal life. She first experienced chiropractic care in 2021 as a last-ditch effort to help with migraine headaches, receiving more help than what she initially anticipated.

Aside from healthcare, she has been a volleyball coach since 2015 and continues to share her knowledge of the sport with athletes in Indy after her transition to the area. She enjoys taking her dogs for hikes and Jeeping through the trails. Elysa loves meeting new people, trying new restaurants and taking every opportunity to be in the sun. She recently became a member of iTown Church and looks forward to growing her relationship with God.


Heather Wells

Heather-WellsHeather comes to Restoration Health with 13 years of experience. As a seasoned Massage Therapist in the field, she brings a dedication to helping clients achieve optimal wellness. She specializes in Deep Tissue stretching and restorative bodywork, while combining relaxation to relieve overall tension. She also combines trigger point therapy, heat, and healing sounds to provide an overall feeling of complete homeostasis.

When Heather is not working on healing others, she enjoys quiet time with her dog Lola (12 year old chihuahua) and baby kitty, Lily. She reads when she has the opportunity and loves finding a good book that makes you feel like you’re living that world! She also enjoys meditative stretching and warm epsom salt baths to keep her body relaxed from tension. She has recently found a joy in going to the gym with her kiddos and playing basketball with her son!


Breyona Parker

Breyona-ParkerBreyona is a dedicated licensed massage therapist with over 5 years of experience in massage therapy. She obtained her license from Indiana Therapeutic Massage School in 2018 and have since sought out and obtained additional modalities to perfect her craft. She is committed to providing personalized care to each individual, tailoring treatments to address specific concerns while promoting relaxation and assisting in the body’s healing process. She loves creating a comfortable and rejuvenating experience for all those who seek her expertise. Massage Therapy is more than a career for her, it is a way of life. Breyona is a Flexologist with extensive training through Stretch Lab. She uses PNF stretching to assist in relaxing muscles and relieve tension knots. She also specializes in lymphatic drainage, prenatal, deep tissue, trigger point, and Swedish massage.


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